Green Man

Telephone: 01462 768256
5 High Street, 
Offley,  Hertfordshire,  SG5 3AR

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Green Man
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Used to be such a fantastic place but unfortunately has gone rapidly down hill! Main course was cold, pastry on apple pie was under cooked and crockery was filthy. Could do with new management, new chef a new referb. Will definately not be going back!!!!! Awful!!!!

Added by anonymous on: 15/05/2011
1 out of 10
Over the years I have been to the Green Man at Offley many times but was shocked at how poor it has become. I don't normally leave reviews but felt I had to pass this on. Booked a table for 4 on a Saturday night. While waiting for my guests to arrive I notice quite a few people asking for tables and being told it would be an hour wait so they would walk out. Getting served at the bar was very difficult mainly due to there only being one barman on and he also had to fill the table drinks orders. When we got our table one of my guests ordered the chicken & bacon pasta dish and when he questioned why there was no chicken or bacon in the dish the waitress admitted she had 'pressed the wrong button' and ordered the veggie version but offered to bring some chicken and bacon. 30 minutes later still no meat so sent plate away as it was now congealed. Then tried ordering dessert but after 30 minutes we were told three of the desserts were not available. We asked for the cheque and left. A very embarrassing and sad experience knowing how good it used to be at this restaurant. I would recommend not going here until there is a change of management!

Added by anonymous on: 14/10/2010
1 out of 10
This is a lovely pub situated in a beautiful village in Hertfordshire with views to die for. Unfortunately the restaurant side of things is a different story. The food is pricey and the lunchime service is slow. This can be excused due to being short staffed, but they have been short staffed at lunchtime for years. In a part of about 5 or 6 the main dish may not be served to all at the same time, in fact one customer had finished her main meal when the final one was being served. Apologies were given but there was a feeling that it was perfectly acceptable to do this. Sweet potato is microwaved, swordfish was 'on the turn'. I smelt it as soon as it was put in front of me and it tasted the same. I didn't complain because I'm not a chef and I could tell it was off, so the chef obviously knew also, and he/she clearly didn't care so what would be the point. This was an evening meal where the waitress/waiter service is good but the food is as above. The lunchtime service is poor and slow. When you first sit down the drinks that you order may come within 5 minutes but my experience is that they come in 15 minutes. It's a shame - this place has a lot going for it, but after giving it chance after chance over a period of a few years I still feel let down by the poor quality of food they serve up (would LOVE to get Gorden Ramsey in there!) and the slow lunchtime service. My score is 5 out of 10 - 5 because of the perfect location and historical value of the building, but 0 for the restaurant. As with some people, it gets by on it's looks.

Added by anonymous on: 08/10/2009
1 out of 10
The Green Man has always been a favourite of ours, and despite being part of the Chef and Brewer chain the Green Man has retained its character and most importantly its great service. The food is varied, of good quality and well priced. Highly recommended for Sunday Lunches too.

Added by anonymous on: 11/05/2009
8 out of 10